5 Things to Do During The 21 of Days Lockdown

05 Things to Do During The 21 of Days Lockdown

As we know due to spread of corona virus in our country, we all are lockdown at our home We all are facing social distancing, self-isolation and a lot of us are getting very bored without any work very quickly. Instead of getting bore quickly by the thought, we should consider an opportunity to build new skills, explore new ideas, hobbies and do things you have always wanted to.

We have some great ways to pass or spent the time with your family, enhance or upgrade your skills and also you can keep you and your family healthy some of the activities listed below which ways bringing family members together.

Before Doing any kind of daily routine activity you should

  • Keep maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance social distancing
  • Washing your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing and especially after going to the bathroom.

This not only to protect your health this is also protect your family members and it is necessary for our Country.

As Instructed by our Hon’ble Prime Minister: Narender Modi Ji – Stay at Home (Jaan Hain To Jahan Hai) Which is most important for us.

1. Spent More Time in Yoga and Physical Exercise Daily.

Before doing any kind of exercises, don’t forget to do a Warm-Up

If you are missing your daily exercise routine after Lockdown. Don’t worry you can easy do at your home.

Pick up the time from morning or evening for yoga and workout. you can take these days and period as an opportunity to build up our health. you can do simple exercise at home like

a. Daily indoor walking max

running at home

b. Deep breathing exercises

c. Skipping

d. Planks

e. Crunches

f. Push up

g. Jumping jacks

h. Dumbbell squat

i. Burpees

j. Music therapy

k. Or Just do Yoga


2. Play Indoor Games

As we know about daily routine we always stuck at work in offices and we don’t have an enough time for our kids and family members. This lockdown would be perfect to spend time and bring together all of family members

Playing Indoor games can be easy and great activity to spend time with each other. So, teach your kids Some indoor games and play with them too.

a. Board Games Like Ludo and Chess

b. Try brain games It will helpful for your child’s development.

c. Video Games

d. Table Type Games like Carrom and Table Tennis

e. Play with your child various puzzles that can be both engaging and educational.

f. Card Games are great for kinds for their logical reasoning, color and number identification.

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