Pre Operative Physiotherapy Treatment

Vashishtha Incentive Healthcare & Rehab Center provides you the Pre-Post Surgery physiotherapy treatment in Gurugram. Our physiotherapists will provide you medical facilities like preoperative examination and preoperative treatment prior to your scheduled surgery (Hip, Knee, Ankle etc). We will conduct the assessment for needs you may have after the surgery (like safety equipments). The purpose of our visit will to do the checkups in painful area and to range the motion of each knee, to check your breathing pattern, to provide strength.

Our Pre-Operative treatments will ensure that you recover faster from any type of surgeries.

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Dr. Hariom Vashishtha -Elder Care in Gurugram

Before undergoing any surgery regarding knee or hips, our specialists make sure that you recover very fastly. Any type of operations relating Total Knee Arthoplasties and Total Hip Replacement are complex operations. But through physiotherapy you can ensure better outcomes. Many operations like ACL and Knee Meniscus have healed better when physiotherapy is conducted both pre and post sections treatment of recovery.

It is very necessary to undergo the pre-operative treatment as it maximises your better recovery. Contact us if you are going through all these pre and post surgical problems. Our team of specialists will assist you in any type of problems from physical to mental.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy Treatment

If you are concerned thinking about the post surgery recovery? No worries! Here, in VIP Healthcare and Rehab Center in Gurgaon we will provide you treatments which will help you to decrease stiffness and pain. Regain that active lifestyle which you have always dreamt of.

For a satisfactory recovery, our team of experts will provide you everything which they could.
If you or your any loved ones was suffering from post Breast Cancer Surgery, then we can assist you before and after the operation.

Here, therapists will evaluate and do the assessment for your arm strength. We will make sure that you can return to your physical capabilities. There will be so many exercises which will be provided for your shoulder motion and core strengthening.

Facilities we provide under Pre & Post Surgery:-

  • Strength and Endurance
  • Balance of Coordination and Gait
  • Post Fracture Management
  • Hemiarthroplasty
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Amputation
  • Spinal Surgery/Laninectomy
  • Burn & Wonnel Management